About being an Author and Illustrator

Since I became a published author, I have met the most wonderful children, who are so keen to ask questions and know more about what's like to be an author and an illustrator. And this is what I have been asked -

Do you write or do you illustrate first?

I always draw all my characters. I dress them and accessorize them. I might even place them in their bedrooms or kitchens. This helps me build the story in my head. Then I surround myself with these images and the real writing begins.

Is "Saffron" autobiographical?

Yes and no. Saffron’s family is very similar to my own family. However, Saffron has a way of taking things to a bit of an extreme. And that's when I get to have lots of fun as a writer.

Why does Saffron have such big shoes?

Just because...

How often do you write?

Unfortunately, not as often as I would like. But what I am always doing is thinking about what I am going to write. So when I have time to write, I really write!!!!!!!

Is your work influenced by your previous career?

Certainly. Having been in the Fashion and Fine arts industries has given me a very particular aesthetic. It has also made me really good at working towards a deadline!


About being a Fashion Designer

I worked as a Fashion designer/stylist for ten years before I decided to write and illustrate children's books. I studied and worked in Argentina, England and New Zealand.

I was also in charge of travelling around setting up Fashion Catwalks in different places. It was a fun and a very interesting job!

As a Fashion designer my job was to produce interesting fabrics that would make amazing new objects of clothing. Being an artist was great because I hand printed, painted and dyed metres and metres of fabric to suit my designs.

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